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"Amazing Spiderman 3: The Table Read"

S3 E20 | T.C. and Jim are joined by a full cast for the green-lit table read presentation of the hypothetical third installment of the Andrew Garfield AMAZING SPIDER-MAN series, as well as the sequel to No Way Home. Peter Parker meets Eddie Brock and Venom while facing the threats of Kraven the Hunter and the Spider-Slayers.

CAST: Craig Lee Thomas as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, T.C. De Witt as Eddie Brock/Venom. Travis Joe Dixon as Alistair Smythe, Andy Loud as Sergei Kravinoff, Hope Rubenkowski as Black Cat, with Dwight Taylor as Max Dillon, and Melody Peng as Aunt May, with narration by Jim Burzelic Additional performances by Courtney Locks, Gabriel Sedgemore, and Dani Scott.


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