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"Justice League (1995): The Table Read"

S2 EP22 | In Episode 3 of Season 2, T.C. & Jim pitched a film based on the idea that Tim Burton had a chance to build a DC film universe back in 1995. For the Season 2 finale, the two writers have taken on the challenge to actually write the entire film that they pitched, which would have united Michael Keaton's Batman and Nic Cage's Superman. This is a live table read of the original screenplay, "Justice League" (1995).

HOSTS: T.C. De Witt, Jim Burzelic

GUESTS: Maximillian Olmsted, Courtney Locks, Khaliel Abdelrahim, Matt Rasku, Dani Scott, David Geisler, Chike Johnson, Rocky Cusseaux, Amber Luallen, Dawn Joyal, Chad Halvorsen, Kalan Tauck

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